What is a quote?

The quote resource facilitates the booking of a delivery by determining the eligibility of an order and its shipping address for a given delivery type. A quote indicates the delivery window of the potential delivery, along with its estimated price, description and carrier code.

A quote is specific to a delivery type and an order. A quote is deemed to be stale if any of the aforementioned details change or a reasonable amount of time has passed (typically 2 minutes, we can work together to determine a more applicable value for a reasonable amount of time). If a quote is stale, a new quote must be created to ensure the order is still eligible for delivery.

If the quote is for a delivery window, a list of eligible windows will be returned as part of your quote. If you are exposing a UI to enable your customers to book a delivery window, you can use this list to populate a date time picker. A customer should be prevented from booking a delivery window that is less than 15 minutes and more than 4 hours long.

It is possible to evaluate the eligibility of all delivery types at once. This is particularly beneficial if you wish to make Quiver delivery rates visible at checkout. Follow here to get started with batch creation, otherwise follow here to create a quote for a single delivery type.

What is a delivery?

The delivery resource is the object representing a Quiver Delivery. A delivery object has all the details of the quote, as well as indicating the status of a delivery and its tracking information.

Follow here to create a delivery.

A prerequisite to booking a delivery is the successful creation of a quote.